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Recuperative Burner LOOPFIRE® for U- and W-type Radiant tubes


  • Burner recuperator system for the heating of U- and W-type radiant tubes
  • high efficiency by double recuperator
  • low NOx emissions by integrated flue gas circulation
  • in particular suitable for blast furnace – coke oven mixed gas, coke oven gas as well as for all other industrial fuel gases
  • long lifetime of the radiant tube due to optimized temperature uniformity
  • ignition directly electrical, ignition burner also available
  • recuperators available in different sizes and types, typically 180kW
  • high combustion air preheating up to 600°C
  • suitable for push – pull system
  • worldwide many thousand installations



Flue gas recirculation by integrated injector nozzle – the dilution of the combustion air by the recirculating flue gas effects a considerable reduction of the NOx emissions.


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