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Recuperative Bruner RECUFIRE®

Auto Recuperative Burner RECUFIRE®

The latest generation of energy saving and low emissive recuperative burners. The integrated heat exchanger provides - depending on the application - savings up to 50%. Available in different sizes from 10 kW up to 500 kW, RECUFIRE®-burners are friendly to the climate and your budget. RECUFIRE®-burners are applicable as radiant tube burners and for open fired industrial furnaces.



  • High-velocity burner with integrated heat exchanger for preheating combustion air from the combustion exhaust gases
  • High energy saving up to 50 % (depending on the application)
  • Power range 15 – 300 kW
  • Metallic and fully ceramic version available
  • For direct and indirect heating of industrial furnaces
  • Single-ended radiant tubes with 100 – 300 mm diameter available
  • Direct electric ignition
  • Flame detection with ionisation rod (single-electrode operation) or UV-probe
  • High flame velocity
  • NOx-reduced combustion
  • Suitable for natural gas, coke oven gas, coke-oven-blast furnace-mixed gas



  • Inert gas roller hearth furnaces
  • Inert gas chamber furnaces
  • Continuous strip lines
  • Use in single-ended radiant tubes, P- and double-P radiant tubes


  • Chamber furnaces for heat treatment
  • Bogie hearth furnaces for heating and forging
  • Roller hearth furnaces with open flame
  • Rotary hearth furnaces

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