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IBS Industrie-Brenner-Systeme GmbH
among the growth champions 2016  

The renowned magazine FOCUS and the German web portal for statistics Statista have honored IBS GmbH being one of the most growing companies in Germany. In total, they honored 500 companies in Germany and recognized them in the ranking “growth champions 2016”. The company IBS GmbH convinced the jury with its rise in sales from 4,4 millions Euro in the year 2011 to 9,2 millions Euro in the year 2014 and also with its increase in workforce from 17 to 28 persons in the same period.
“Our company prevailed in the contest with an average rise in sales of 28 % per year”, says Bernd Machovsky, managing director. “We are very pleased to receive the award growth champion 2016.

Being among the 500 most growing companies of Germany is confirming to us, that we are on the right way with our business model.”
500 of 13.500 companies headquartered in Germany, which had the highest rise in sales between 2011 and 2014 were honored in the ranking “growth champion 2016”. By publishing this ranking, FOCUS and Statista recognizes the performance of companies, which give an important impulse to economy and society, which create new jobs and confirm Germany as a location for industry in the long run.

Since 45 years IBS Industrie-Brenner-Systeme GmbH is focusing on development and production of power-saving and low emission industrial burners. IBS burner systems are the center part of modern thermo-processing plants, whether it concerns industrial furnaces, dryers or thermal incineration plants.
Quality and reliability have top priority when developing and producing burner systems.
IBS GmbH is represented in the most important sales markets. Only last year a subsidiary was set up in

growth champions 2016


Since its foundation in 1969 to this day, IBS has laid the focus on the production of modern energy-saving and environmentally sound industrial burners. Thereby quality and reliability are ranking first and foremost. IBS’ industrial burner systems are the hidden core of modern thermal process plants, no matter if on industrial furnaces or kilns, dryer or post combustion plants.

Process Burner CONEFIRE®

Duct Burner GRIDFIRE®

Recuperative Burner RECUFIRE®

Gas Burner GBC/GBS

Regenerative Burner REGFIRE®

High-Temperature Burner GBS...H

Lance Burner LANCEFIRE®

Pilot Burner IPB