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Pilot Burner IPB

Pilot Burner IPB

Gas pilot burners IPB are robust burners for the automatic ignition of gas- oil and dual fuel burners as well as for the controlled burning of process gases. The IPB-pilot burners are available in different sizes and lengths for 1,5; 3,5 and 7 kW.


Industrial Pilot Burners IPB are solid designed pilot burners for the automatic ignition and supervision of gas-, oil- and multifuel burners. Variable regarding length and gastype IPB is working reliable in a wide range of applications.

  • IPB 1,5 with 1,5 kW thermal capacity, IPB 3,5 with 3,5 kW capacity
  • Standardised dimensions (IPB 1,5 with installation diameter R ½” – DN 15, IPB 3,5 with installation diameter 1” – DN 25) for easy installation
  • Ignition and flame supervision via single rod

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