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Regenerative Burner REGFIRE®

Regenerative Burner REGFIRE®

Uniquely compact regenerative burner to obtain highest air preheatings. The regenerator is integral part of the burner housing which leads to the small overall dimensions of the burner. Available in three sizes for 500 kW, 750 kW and 1.500 kW capacity. For lowest NOx-emissions the burner can be switched to flameless mode when the furnace temperature exceeds 850°C.


  • Burner for operation in pairs on forging and reheating furnaces
  • Highest preheating of the combustion air
  • Firing effyciency in a forging furnace e.g. 85%
  • Range of size available from 400kW up to 1900kW
  • Operating temperature up to 1400°C
  • Compact design due to the integration of the honeycomb-heat exchanger in the burner’s body
  • Pneumatic driven switch valve for FLUE GAS and AIR as integral part in the burner
  • Low effort for maintenance and cleaning


REGFIRE®-Regenerative Burners are being operated in pairs. While burner 1 provides the required heat, the flue gases are being forced to leave the furnace through burner 2. After a certain period of time the burners will be switched. The combustion air streams now through the preheated honeycomb heat exchanger in burner 2 and the flue gases leave the furnace across burner 1.

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