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Lance Burner LANCEFIRE®

Lance Burner LANCEFIRE®

High velocity burner for roof fired ceramic tunnel kilns (e.g. for brick making). The nozzle-mixing burner achieves its high flame velocity by the expansion of the burning fuel gas. The ceramic flame tube provides a significantly longer lifetime than conventional burner of this kind. The burner has no ignition and flame control, hence it is only applicable for furnace zones with temperatures above 850°C.


Lance burner LANCFIRE® are nozzle mixing high velocity burner without flame control  suitable for tunnel kilns in the ceramic industry. Besides a controlled furnace atmosphere, the burner provides a more uniform heating of the stack inside the kiln. The results are:

  • improved product quality
  • lower specific energy consumption
  • long lifetime of the burners
  • low gas and air pressures are sufficient
  • low maintenance required
  • better control of furnace atmosphere

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