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Servomotor RA 5

Servomotor RA 5

Versatile applicable servomotor for installation on control valves. One single motor can be used for 230 V, 110 V DC or 24 V (configuration via DIP-switches) and controlled by 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V, three-point-step or two point. Between 7s and 60 s free adjustable opening time (90°) and numerous other user friendly features.


  • DC motor with multi-stage spur gearbox.
  • High positioning precision performed by a 16-bit microcontroller.
  • Status LEDs and position indicator of the motor visible externally.
  • Provided with cams with double adjusting screw (adjustment tool included in the housing).
  • Two push-buttons for manual adjustment of the position.
  • Two push-buttons to save min./max. positions.
  • Analogue input and output signals for electronic positioning.
  • The same unit is suitable for 230-110-24V.
  • Adjustable opening time from 7s up to 60s.
  • Provided with connection for external programming terminal.
  • Its rugged and functional design allows a fast and easy installation, and it is practically free of maintenance.



  • In case of combustion process being regulated by combustion air modulation, K valves with servomotor can be used, coupled to another butterfly valve manually operated (available graduated scale and locking screw) to setup high-fire rate of the burner.
  • In case of combustion process with excess of air or gas, K butterfly valve can be used, coupled to a Lambda sensor for ratio correction.
  • In case of combustion process with pre-heated air, K butterfly valve can be used with RA 5 servomotor. 

Download broshure Servomotor RA 5