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Solenoid valves for gas VMR / VML

Gas Solenoid Valves VMR / VML

Solenoid valves for safe blocking of the gas supply. The solenoid valves of the VMR-series (fast opening) and VML-series (slow opening) are reliable and thousandfold proven on different applications. Equipped with an integrated flow adjustment they are type tested and certified for operating pressures up to 360 mbar. The VMR /VML series are suitable for ON-OFF operated burner systems with millions of switches over the years.



  • For the protection, regulation and control of air and gas supply to gas consuming devices
  • Gas safety valve class A acc. to EN 161
  • EC-type tested and registered
  • Approvals for Russia, Belorussia
  • Operating pressure: 200 mbar, 360 mbar, 500 mbar
  • Fast opening (VMR) or slow opening (VML, with adjustable initial opening)
  • With adjustable flow rate
  • Suitable for cycle operation and continuous service
  • Gases: Natural Gas, Town Gas, LPG (gaseous), Air, Version for Biogas, Coke Oven Gas, Mixed Gas



  • As saftey shut-off-valve in main gas trains
  • To ensure reliable and safe operation of industrial burners
  • As automatic working and tight closing shut-off device for air
  • As valve for other processes which require the safe shut-off of gas pipes


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